Atelier for collodion-photography - wedding

A photo for your ancestral gallery?

With a ferrotype or a fine photograph on glass, you can add an extraordinary accent between your digital wedding memories - in the style of your ancestors from the 19th century.

By the way, with the performance of the wet-plate photographer, you will be guaranteed to cause a sensation among your guests for an hour of entertainment, in which we will be able to tell the history of photography in a relaxed way, and show life in front of your eyes in which way the plates were produced.

Usually, we are surrounded by curious people as soon as the mobile lab is brought along and the impressive wooden camera is placed in position.

Depending on how much attention you want to give to our little „looking back“, we could be in the middle of the action, gladly also in front of the chair rows of an attentive audience (stage if available) or position us at the edge of the wedding society, open to all interested people.

Should an outdoor shooting be possible (depending on the weather), we like to use the magnesium flash and provide with the light and smoke clouds, accompanied by a short bang for the "ahhs!" and "ohhs!" In the decisive moment of the formation of the image.

The bride and groom can enjoy the entire one-hour image development process, but does not have to. 7-10 minutes, however, we need with the respective models (between focus and exposure) until the image is in the box in the truest sense of the word .

If desired, we also like to photograph the entire wedding company, several small groups or other portrait photographs.

Your unique photograph will be finished and given to the pride and groom on the spot.

The event of a wedding is a central moment in a person's life

At times when a photograph was still associated with great expense and cost, the marriage was a welcome occasion to create such a valuable time document.