Wet plate collodion-photography - about us

Clarissa van Amseln & Peter Kubala

Since 10 years we share our passion to arts and photography.

Our latest object of interest is already aged of 166. The project „1851-reloaded“ takes us back to the very beginning of the ara of photography.

What began with the fascination can not be ascertained - dozens of ideas are usually buzzing through our heads, of which we can realize only a few ...

It was clearly worth it to be realized, even though it took countless nights of research to digest formulations for the necessary ingredients, find reference sources for the chemicals, find laboratory equipment, rebuild the studio, set up a darkroom and build an ultra- large format camera for collodion photography.

But we are proud to have made it! Thus in Germany it is now possible to get portraits in the style of the 19th century as tintypes (original ferrotype - asphalted steel plate) ambrotypes, albumin prints, van dyke prints and oilprints.

Last but not least, we use the legendary magnesium flash. A lasting impression, not only for pyrotechnics!

A video clip about an action with magnesium flash in Pullman City Harz

...another little video clip

As passionate researchers, we certainly will not cease to continue researching, experimenting, and developing the subject artistically freely.